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Our range of bi-folding door track sets caters for everything starting from small folding cabinet and cupboard doors, through folding room passing internal doors, room dividers all the way up to commercial and agricultural folding heavy doors and gates. High quality folding door track sets supplied with galvanised steel or aluminium tracks are suitable for DIY and professionals, domestic and commercial use.

Price: £5.59inc VAT

> Dedicated for sportub 80kg, sportub folding 500(20 kg)
> To work with 1102, 1104 and 1104E guide
> Joining bracket for bottom channel 1109
> Made from galvanised steel
> Can be used for sliding and folding doors


Price: £297.79inc VAT

> Compatible With Openings Up To 1500mm Wide And Up To 2116mm High
> Compatible with the SAF Fold system
> For door thickness 35-50mm
> Made of limewood


Price: £305.26inc VAT

> Saves two times more opening space than a standard hinged door
> High-quality ball-bearing rollers
> Top-hung system
> Maximum door weight: 80kg
> Door thickness: 35-50mm


Price from: £246.55inc VAT

> Minimum door thickness: 23mm
> Track length: 3000mm
> Made out of galvanised steel
> This kit allows 2 or 4 doors sliding to one side (if you'd like a different configuration please do not hesitate to contact us)
> Maximum weight per panel: 20kg


Price from: £1.10inc VAT

> Satin anodised
> Length: 50mm-152mm
> Width: 23mm
> Depth: 10mm (not including the pop-out)
> Made out of aluminium


Price from: £12.88inc VAT

> Satin anodised
> Length: 100mm/152mm
> Width: 32mm
> Pop-out: 16mm
> Made out of aluminium


Price from: £795.73inc VAT

> Minimum/maximum door thickness: 18/25mm
> Minimum/maximum door height: 1720/2850mm
> Minimum/maximum door width: 420/600mm
> For door weight: 15-25kg
> Silent movement


Price from: £122.80inc VAT

> For concealed cabinet doors
> Accuride 1321 set is supplied with hinges and mounting plates
> Door thickness between 19-38mm
> Maximum height: 1065mm
> Maximum weight: 14kg


Price: £4.61inc VAT

> Dedicated for Sportub 150kg, Sportub Folding 500 (38 kg)
> To work with 5040 Track
> Galvanised Steel
> Manufactured in Europe
> Manufactured to European standard EN1527


Price from: £77.51inc VAT

> To work with Accuride 1319
> Increases maximum door weight
> Increases size capacity
> Provides smooth operation
> The maximum recommended door width is: 600mm


Price from: £55.42inc VAT

> Pivot sliding pocket cabinet door
> Door width : 255-600mm
> Door height: 914-2300mm
> Maximum door weight: 5.5kg (25kg if used with synchronisation)
> For door thickness: 16-20mm


Price: £9.17inc VAT

> To be used with Accuride 1432 sliding door
> For overlay door application
> For door thickness of 19mm
> Cupr drilling 40mm
> Screw-fixing installation


Price from: £9.02inc VAT

> To be used with Accuride 1432 sliding door
> For inset door application
> Door thickness 19-32mm
> Screw fixing
> Cable system for synchronised slide operation


Price: £33.85inc VAT

> To be used with Accuride 1432 sliding door
> Hinge carrier strip set
> Made out of steel
> Length of each plate: 730mm
> Width: 76mm


Price from: £118.76inc VAT

> Pivot sliding pocket cabinet door
> Synchronised Runners
> For door height: 914-2300mm
> Maximum door weight: 34kg
> For door thickness: 19-32mm for inset and 19mm for overlay


Price from: £29.60inc VAT

> Track lengths: 603mm-1822mm
> For 2 or 4 folding panels
> Nylon wheel guides
> Maximum weight per door: 14kg
> Minimum door thickness: 18mm