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Heavy Duty Sliding Door Gear for industrial, commercial and agricultural use. The range covers galvanised and stainless steel sliding tracks, often used in a harsh seaside environment or food industry. Covering door weights from 1 to 3000kg there is always something suitable whether for a huge warehouse gate or small shed or workshop sliding door.

Price: £163.31inc VAT

> Heavy-duty steel components
> Great for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications
> Manufactured in Europe
> 800h resistance to salt spray and red rust
> Complete kit for door up to 80kg


Price: £245.33inc VAT

> Complete kit with 3000mm track
> Heavy-duty steel components
> Zink plated high-grade steel - all parts manufactured in Europe
> Maximum door weight: 150kg
> Minimum door thickness: 30mm


Price: £101.52inc VAT

> Wall or ceiling mounted
> Maximum door weight: 75kg
> Manufactured with high-quality steel
> Complete sliding track set for a single door
> Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications


Price from: £250.03inc VAT

> Minimum door thickness: 23mm
> Track length: 3000mm
> Made out of galvanised steel
> This kit allows 2 or 4 doors sliding to one side (if you'd like a different configuration please do not hesitate to contact us)
> Maximum weight per panel: 20kg


Price from: £86.82inc VAT

> Weight capacity: 40kg per hook
> Fat bike hooks available as an option
> Supplied with 1500mm or 3000mm tracks
> Galvanised track and running gear with vinyl coated hooks
> Suitable for all types of MTB, e-bikes, road and gravel bikes


Price: £41.54inc VAT

> Width: 30mm
Height: 35mm
> Supplied in 3000mm length (can be cut)
> To work with trolleys 0235A, 0235D, 0633A, 0633D, 0532 and 0532E
> Dedicated for Sportub: 80kg, folding 500 (20kg) and folding 600 (40kg)


Price from: £24.54inc VAT

> Made from galvanised steel
> Can be used for sliding and folding doors
> To work with 1102, 1104 and 1104E guide
> Supplied in 2000mm or 3000mm length (can be cut)
> Dedicated for sportub 80kg, sportub folding 500(20kg) and sportub folding 600(40kg)


Price: £4.45inc VAT

> 20mm x 74mm x 21mm
> Manufactured in Europe
> To work with 1109 bottom channel
> Dedicated for sportub 80kg kit and accessories
> Perfect for hercules, U-30 and sportub sliding systems


Price from: £29.34inc VAT

> Composite body and wheels with ball bearings
> To fit 3 types of cable
> Round cable (diameter 10-25mm)
> Flat cable (max 25x20mm)
> Flat wide cable (max 70x20mm)


Price from: £194.27inc VAT

> Available in 316L-A4 stainless steel
> Available in 304L-A2 stainless steel
> Available in 3 different sizes
> 3-6 weeks lead time
> Length: 3000mm


Price: £399.50inc VAT

> Complete kit with 3000mm track for door up to 400kg
> Heavy duty steel components
> Manufactured in Europe
> Additional components available for separate purchase
> European standard EN 1527


Price: £51.22inc VAT

> Dedicated for Sportub 80kg kit and accessories
> To work with 3530 track
> Two trolleys can carry 80kg doors
> Steel wheels
> Manufactured to European standard EN1527


Price from: £26.45inc VAT

> Allows the track to be mounted onto the ceiling
> Made from stainless steel
> Suitable for stainless steel tracks
> 304L-A2 or 316L-A4 rating
> 3-6 weeks lead time


Price from: £25.19inc VAT

> Suitable for: 9010 and 9030 tracks
> Sold in singles
> 2 versions of stainless steel: 304L-A2 or 316L-A4
> Maximum door weight: 60kg/100kg or 400kg
> 3-6 weeks lead time


Price: £40.60inc VAT

> Dedicated for Sportub 150/300/400kg, Sportub Folding 500 (38kg, 75kg), U-40 and U-60
> To suit bottom guides 1101, 1099, 1105 and 1105E
> Galvanised steel
> Supplied in 3000mm length - can be cut or joined
> 30mm x 30mm x 1.5mm


Price from: £23.28inc VAT

> Suitable for: 9010/9030 and 9040 tracks
> Sold in singles
> 2 versions of stainless steel: 304L-A2 or 316L-A4
> Maximum door weight: 60kg/100kg or 400kg
> 3-6 weeks lead time