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High quality, heavy-duty shelf supports. Our range covers concealed hidden shelf supports, shelf pins, glass shelf supports, decorative shelf supports and many others widely used in carpentry and cabinet making but also in DIY.

Price from: £16.99inc VAT

> Support bracket for tables and benches
> Max weight 150kg per 2 brackets
> Brackets covered with grey primer
> Wall-mounted
> Made out of steel


Price from: £72.73inc VAT

> Width: 82mm
> Made out of steel
> Finish: grey (primed)
> Automatic lock action when raised
> Maximum weight capacity per bracket: 75kg


Price from: £0.62inc VAT

> Suitable for 6-8mm glass shelfs
> Includes protective rubber on the upper surface which protects the glass
> Comes with bottom plastic screw which allows locking of the glass shelf
> Good resistance to oxidation and corrosion which allows it to be used in bathrooms
> Pin diameter: Ø5mm


Price from: £1.58inc VAT

> Steel shelf pins
> Available in 4 sizes
> Supplied as a box of 100
> Plugin
> Spoon shaped wooden shelf supports


Price: £2.75inc VAT

> Minimum shelf depth: 115mm
> Minimum thickness of shelf: 22mm
> Heavy-duty concealed shelf support
> Maximum load capacity per 2 supports: 20kg
> 3D adjustable: vertical, horizontal and tilt


Price: £0.61inc VAT

> Dowel fixing
> Nickel plated
> Supports glass 5-10mm thick
> Steel glass shelf support adjustable
> Adjustable steel glass shelf supports


Price from: £128.95inc VAT

> Heavy-duty folding support for seats, benches tables, worktops or shelves
> Weight capacity up to 500kg per pair
> Different sizes of brackets available
> Brackets covered with grey primer
> Released by pushing up on the locking arm


Price from: £12.54inc VAT

> Steel wooden shelf support pin with brake
> Supports any thickness of the board
> Dimensions provided on pictures
> To fit 5 mm holes
> Maximum 80kg load-bearing per 4 pins


Price from: £9.19inc VAT

> Folding support bracket for shelves
> Max weight 40kg/50kg/60kg depending on length
> Made out of steel
> Locking system to prevent brackets from folding
> 2 x folding brackets for mounting shelves on the wall


Price: £13.54inc VAT

> Supports any thickness of the board
> Screw fixing
> For wooden shelfs
> Made out of steel
> Maximum weight 40kg per pair


Price from: £0.34inc VAT

> Concealed shelf support
> Chrome finish
> Removable shelf
> Consist of a plastic insert and chrome support
> Available in 2 sizes


Price: £9.19inc VAT

> Steel wooden shelf support with pin
> To fit 5mm hole
> Nickel Plated
> Supports any thickness of the board
> Dimensions provided on pictures


Price from: £0.70inc VAT

> 5mm pin shelf support
> Choose from qty of 20, 50, 100, 500 or 1000
> Made in EU
> Zink plated steel
> Total length 16mm


Price from: £4.49inc VAT

> Choose from pack of 20,50,100,500 or a 1000
> Steel support with silicone suction cup
> To fit 5mm pre-drilled hole
> High quality and heavy duty
> Suction cup diameter 11mm


Price from: £1.14inc VAT

> White plastic connector
> Widely used as a shelf support bracket
> Screw fixing
> Supplied with a cover
> Size: Width 20mm x Height 25mm x Depth 25mm


Price: £0.19inc VAT

> Screw fixing
> Width: 13mm
> Height: 17mm + plastic
> Steel glass shelf support
> Supports any thickness of glass
> The rest of the dimensions provided in the pictures