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Price: £52.04inc VAT

> Soft-close add-on for our Hercules range of track systems
> Soft-close can be retrofitted to existing Hercules systems
> Up to 80kg doors
> Works with glass and wooden doors
> Adjustable dampening force


Price from: £20.84inc VAT

> Set of tracks for Fastor/Mars/Ares
> 4 Tracks
> Top-mounted and bottom-mounted
> Available in 5 sizes
> Can be joined together to achieve longer lengths


Price from: £12.31inc VAT

> Wall brackets suited for our Hercules range
> For door thickness: 16-25mm
> For door thickness: 25-45mm
> For doors up to 60kg a wall bracket every 60cm will be needed (based on brick/concrete wall)
> For doors up to 120kg a wall bracket every 40cm will be needed (based on brick/concrete wall)


Price from: £15.29inc VAT

> Available in a variety of sizes
> Clip-on system
> To work with Hercules tracks only
> Pelmet can be cut to size
> Maximum door thickness: 40mm


Price from: £52.15inc VAT

> Great solution to hide the door accessories
> Has to be used with 25-45mm Hercules wall brackets
> Equipped with end caps
> Clip-on pelmet
> Maximum door thickness: 45mm


Price from: £24.54inc VAT

> Made from galvanised steel
> Can be used for sliding and folding doors
> To work with 1102, 1104 and 1104E guide
> Supplied in 2000mm or 3000mm length (can be cut)
> Dedicated for sportub 80kg, sportub folding 500(20kg) and sportub folding 600(40kg)


Price from: £19.66inc VAT

> Track length: 1200-3000mm
> Available in 6 different lengths
> Suitable for horus accessories
> Tracks can be used as an extension
> Can be joined together to achieve longer lengths


Price: £32.12inc VAT

> Works with Hercules 60kg and 120kg
> Allows synchronisation of double doors on a single track
> Allows for doors to open and close simultaneously
> For a maximum track length of 3600mm
> Works with Hercules 60kg and 120kg


Price: £4.45inc VAT

> 20mm x 74mm x 21mm
> Manufactured in Europe
> To work with 1109 bottom channel
> Dedicated for sportub 80kg kit and accessories
> Perfect for hercules, U-30 and sportub sliding systems


Price: £4.50inc VAT

> Set of pelmet brackets designed to fit H2 Hercules track
> Sold in sets of 3 brackets
> Please note that pelmet is not included
> Brackets clip onto the track
> Screws are provided


Price from: £49.94inc VAT

> Track Cover dedicated for Hercules glass
> Simple click-on fitting
> Available in two lengths - 2010mm and 3010mm
> Supplied with end caps and brush
> Pelmet covers the mechanism


Price: £28.69inc VAT

> To be used with Fastor tracks only
> Premium sliding door system for home or office wardrobe
> Spring-loaded wheels
> Individual maximum door weight: 60kg
> Minimum door size: 16mm


Price: £30.62inc VAT

> Set of accessories for additional door to be used with Hercules 60kg
> High-quality ball-bearing rollers
> For wooden or MDF doors
> For doors up to 60kg
> Minimum door thickness: 16mm


Price: £2.14inc VAT

> Universal floor guide for sliding doors
> Works with our hercules, horus, jupiter and saturn
> Made out of durable plastic
> Can be cut to size
> Different ways of fitting the guide


Price from: £3.84inc VAT

> Available in 5 different lengths
> Can be used with our apis range to extend the total length
> Track width: 19mm
> Track height: 19mm
> Great for kitchens and bedrooms


Price: £0.86inc VAT

> Wheel positioner
> To be used with Mars/Fastor/Ares
> Bottom mounted
> Self-adhesive
> Made in EU