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Price from: £10.98inc VAT

> Gauge/thickness: 8mm
> Lengths: 80-400mm
> Drive type TX40: bit supplied with each box of screws
> Head: countersunk
> Highest quality - made in EU


Price from: £16.99inc VAT

> Support bracket for tables and benches
> Max weight 150kg per 2 brackets
> Brackets covered with grey primer
> Wall-mounted
> Made out of steel


Price from: £4.49inc VAT

> Heavy duty cabinet legs (500kg per leg)
> Supplied in sets of 4 legs and 2 clips
> Available in sizes 50-195mm
> Manufactured and certified in EU
> Screws not included


Price from: £86.82inc VAT

> Weight capacity: 40kg per hook
> Fat bike hooks available as an option
> Supplied with 1500mm or 3000mm tracks
> Galvanised track and running gear with vinyl coated hooks
> Suitable for all types of MTB, e-bikes, road and gravel bikes


Price from: £72.73inc VAT

> Width: 82mm
> Made out of steel
> Finish: grey (primed)
> Automatic lock action when raised
> Maximum weight capacity per bracket: 75kg


Price from: £0.62inc VAT

> Suitable for 6-8mm glass shelfs
> Includes protective rubber on the upper surface which protects the glass
> Comes with bottom plastic screw which allows locking of the glass shelf
> Good resistance to oxidation and corrosion which allows it to be used in bathrooms
> Pin diameter: Ø5mm


Price from: £1.26inc VAT

> Adjustable kitchen cabinet legs (200kg per leg)
> Supplied in sets of 4 legs and 2 clips
> Available in sizes 60-175mm
> Manufactured in EU
> Screws not included


Price from: £7.62inc VAT

> Kiln-dried beech
> Material: white beech
> Hand-sorted and multi-grooved
> Use: ideal for dowel inserting machines
> Dried: air-dried, on 8%-10% wood dampness chamber dried


Minimum quantity for "Hardwood Beech Dowels" is 1.

Price from: £3.36inc VAT

> Height: 20mm
> Width: 16.5mm
> Strength: 3.5kg
> Piston movement: 40mm
> Magnetic and bumper


Price from: £0.55inc VAT

> To fit 35mm drilled hinge hole
> Push fit
> White plastic
> Two versions: winged and round
> Snug fit


Price from: £1.58inc VAT

> Steel shelf pins
> Available in 4 sizes
> Supplied as a box of 100
> Plugin
> Spoon shaped wooden shelf supports


Price: £2.75inc VAT

> Minimum shelf depth: 115mm
> Minimum thickness of shelf: 22mm
> Heavy-duty concealed shelf support
> Maximum load capacity per 2 supports: 20kg
> 3D adjustable: vertical, horizontal and tilt


Price from: £2.45inc VAT

> Adjustable strike distance
> Length: 50mm
> Extension: 14mm
> Available in light grey
> Choice of soft rubber bumper tip or magnetic tip (strike plate not included)


Price: £0.61inc VAT

> Dowel fixing
> Nickel plated
> Supports glass 5-10mm thick
> Steel glass shelf support adjustable
> Adjustable steel glass shelf supports


Price from: £128.95inc VAT

> Heavy-duty folding support for seats, benches tables, worktops or shelves
> Weight capacity up to 500kg per pair
> Different sizes of brackets available
> Brackets covered with grey primer
> Released by pushing up on the locking arm


Price from: £0.88inc VAT

> Zink plated
> Made out of steel
> Comes with a tightening nut
> For recess mounting in 35mm drill hole
> Worktop connector bolts 65mm or 150mm