Coat Hangers

Price: £2.62inc VAT

> Standard hanger with non-slip shoulder inserts, 415 mm width
> Hanger with trouser bar with anti-slip rubber insert, 445 mm width
> Hanger with skirt clips with chrome clips, 440 mm width
> Polished lotus wood hanger with chrome hook


Price: £5.11inc VAT

> Can only be removed from the wardrobe rail by taking the entire rail down
> Very sturdy hangers, made of Ø 5.5 mm heavy duty steel
> For use with max. Ø 40 mm wardrobe rail
> Height: 180mm, Width: 420mm, Material: Steel
> Available in Polished Chrome finish & Black epoxy coated
> Ideal Camper/Caravan Hanger


Price: £3.24inc VAT

> Max. Ø 38 mm wardrobe rail
> Width: 418 mm
> Material: Plastic
> Available in black and brown finish
> Ideal Camper/Caravan Hanger


Minimum quantity for "Anti-Theft Coat Hanger" is 40.

Price: £7.26inc VAT

> Easy fit hook requires no tools or removal of the wardrobe rail, simply clips on, hooks load from either side
> Very sturdy hangers, made of Ø 5.5 mm heavy duty steel
> For use with max. Ø 35 mm wardrobe rail
> Height: 200mm, Width: 420mm, Material: Steel & Plastic
> Finish: Hanger - Chrome Plated, Colour: Anti-theft clip - Black
> Ideal Camper/Caravan Hanger

Price: £4.42inc VAT

> With skirt notches and special 'non-slip' ruffed rubber trouser bar
> Can be fitted to the rail without the needing to remove the rail from its fittings
> Width 445 mm
> Material: Lotus wood hanger, Plastic anti-theft collar
> Finish: Polished
> Ideal Camper/Caravan Hanger