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Soft Close for Hercules track

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Soft Close for Sliding Door Track - Hercules


List price: £49.99 (£32.66 excl. VAT)

Item Description

  • Soft Close add-on for our range of Hercules track systems (H2 tracks that are used for our 60KG,120KG and Glass door systems)
  • Can be retrofitted to existing H2 Hercules kits
  • Minimum door weight recommended is 15KG
  • Maximum door weight recommended is 80KG
  • May be used with the symmetric system (219-072)
  • May also be used with the track if fitted on wall brackets (219-045)
  • Ensures effortless closing and stopping
  • Adjustable damping force
  • Modified to work with Wooden, Panel and Glass doors.

A soft close kit contains:

  • 1x Soft close activator/catch for 60KG and 120KG system
  • 1x Soft close activator/catch for Glass system
  • 1x Soft close Piston
  • 1x Set of screws
  • 1x Fitting instructions
  • 1x Allen key

Please Note that:

The accessories supplied in this set will only work in the original Hercules-H2 track. Use of the Soft Close accessories, with any other track than the Hercules-H2, will automatically void any warranty that's given when purchased.
In such case no return will be accepted.

Sliding Systems

  • Optional Accessories
  • Room Dividing Doors
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Hi, does this include one piston or two?

Asked by Jeff | 18/08/2017, 12:14 | 1 answer(s)

Would this work with the hercules symmetric system? Also if I wanted the doors to softly open and close would I need 2

Asked by Richard | 02/09/2015, 12:44 | 1 answer(s)

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