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Kitchen Cabinet Storage

View our Kitchen Storage Accessories range and optimise your kitchen now. Choose from magic corners and other pull out kitchen storage solutions from leading manufacturers including Hafele, Vauth-Sagel & Innostor.Our kitchen storage accessories can help you to organise and gain access to items stored in kitchen cabinets and drawers. We source our products directly from the manufacturers to ensure we can provide the best value possible to our trade customers as well as to enthusiast DIY-ers.

from: £217.80inc VAT

> To fit 800, 900 or 1000mm cabinet
> Min internal depth required: 460mm (measured in the narrowest point)
> Solid base trays with chrome wire surrounding
> Universal - fits left and right hand cabinets

Price: £142.80inc VAT

> To fit into drawer space of a cabinet
> Internal width required: 362-500mm
> Min. cabinet depth 500mm

Price: £109.19inc VAT

> For on shelf installation in a cabinet
> Min internal width required 450mm
> Min internal depth required 450mm
> Board swivels 180°

from: £44.08inc VAT

> To fit 300-1000mm cabinets
> Chrome wire finish
> Runners designed to miss cabinet hinges
> Max weight capacity: 25kg

from: £288.70inc VAT

> To fit 800, 900 or 1000mm cabinets
> Min internal depth required: 485mm (front to back)
> Choice of three basket types: linear silver, linear chrome or mesh wire
> Integrated Soft Close

from: £56.74inc VAT

> To fit 400, 500 and 600mm cabinet
> Natural wicker basket with beech frame and runners
> Supplied with runners
> Handle incorporated in a basket frame
> Help to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer

from: £271.96inc VAT

> Available in sizes to fit: 400, 500 and 600mm cabinets
> Height range: 1280-1780mm
> Min cabinet depth required: 545mm

from: £221.06inc VAT

> To fit 800 or 1000mm cabiet
> Min cabinet depth: 480mm (800mm version), 490mm (1000mm version) - front to back
> Separate trays to fit on a cabinet base and shelf
> White trays with chrome wire rail

from: £274.28inc VAT

> Available in sizes to fit : 300, 400, 500 or 600 mm cabinets
> Height range: 1210-1400 mm; 1710-1910 mm; 1910-2110 mm
> Supplied with 4, 5 or 6 chrome or silver baskets - depend on chosen height
> Soft Close Runner (120 kg rated)

from: £55.88inc VAT

> Available in four sizes: diameter 600,690,750 and 820mm
> Choice of three finishes: white, grey or chrome
> Height adjustable 635-850mm

from: £66.00inc VAT

> To fit 300-1000mm cabinets
> Chrome wire with grey solid base
> Max load 25kg
> Work with hinged doors

from: £312.72inc VAT

> To fit 800,1000 or 1200mm cabinet
> Cabinet depth required 540mm
> Integrated Soft Close
> Choice of chrome wire baskets or solid base trays
> Cabinet door can be fixed to the frame

from: £31.67inc VAT

> Available in sizes to fit cabinet 400-900mm
> Finished in chrome
> Supplied with aluminium frame to be built into a cabinet base
> Two under mounted drip trays

from: £275.99inc VAT

> Available in sizes to fit: 300, 400mm cabinet
> Height range 1700-1950mm & 1950-2200mm
> Supplied with 5 chrome wire baskets
> Soft Close

from: £5.08inc VAT

> Available in two sizes: 260mm and 355mm
> Choice of two finishes: Grey or Withe
> Mostly used on back of cabinet doors

from: £411.73inc VAT

> Available in sizes to fit 500 mm and 600 mm cabinets
> Height range 1200 mm - 2140 mm
> Artline Glass solid base trays
> To work with hinged doors
> Exceptional quality - manufactured in Germany