Solid Base Three-quarter carousel

Price: £66.01inc VAT

Three-quarter circle carousel set, 667-713mm spindle

  • Two sizes of shelf and two height adjustable fittings sets available
  • For fitting in cabinets with hinged doors
  • Shelves swivel together and not independently of each other
  • Each tray has 25 kg carrying capacity
  • Fixing materials included

Set includes
- 2x Three-quarter circle carousel shelves, white or Alu-grey plastic
- 1x Fitting set comprising spindle, vertically adjustable from 667 to 713 mm, upper and lower fittings, shelf bearings and brake mechanism. Fittings attach the spindle to the cabinet at the top and base.
Chrome-plated steel spindle. White or alu-grey plastic fittings, shelf bearings and brake mechanism.
541.41.711, 541.41.511, 541.41.712, 541.41.512, 541.41.721

Cabinet Size:
800 x 800 mm
Alu Grey

Carousels/Lazy Suzan

Carousel Basket Type:
  • Solid Base
Carousel Shape :
Three Quarters (3/4)
Diameter :
  • Ø 720mm
  • Ø 820mm
Min. Cabinet Size :
  • 800 x 800mm
  • 900 x 900mm

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