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Blum Clip Top Blind Corner Overlay 95 Degree Blumotion Cabinet Hinge 79B9950

Price: £8.69inc VAT

The Blum clip top blind corner overlay 95 degree cabinet hinge 79B9950 is a high-quality hinge designed for cabinet doors with an blind corner overlay. This hinge ensures reliable function and attractive design for your cabinet doors. Whether you’re installing new cabinets or upgrading existing ones, the Blum clip top hinge provides ease of adjustment and smooth operation.

  • Clip top profile door hinge 79B9950
  • Opening angle: 95 degrees
  • Door thickness: 16-28mm
  • Cranking: inset application
  • Boss assembly: screw-on
  • Boss material: steel boss
  • Closing mechanism: blumotion soft-close
  • Side adjustment: +/- 2mm
  • Depth adjustment: + 3/- 2mm, convenient with spiral screw

Please note that:

  • The hinge mounting plate, cover cap, arm cover and screws are not included

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