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Ø8mm Premium Countersunk Wood Screws

Price from: £10.98inc VAT

High-quality countersunk wood construction screws manufactured in EU. Exceptional performance and strength thanks to the newest hardening technology and years of design development in the modern factory. Yellow zinc plating provides high corrosion resistance. Suitable for hardwood softwood and sheet materials with no pre-drilling required. Available in lengths up to 400mm suitable for toughest construction works.

  • Gauge/thickness: 8mm
  • Lengths: 80mm-400mm
  • Drive type TX40: bit supplied with each box of screws
  • Head: countersunk


  • Double threaded tip – reduces screwing time by 40% and pressure required when screwing
  • Redesigned cutting edge – cuts into wood reducing screwing resistance by 20% and preventing the wood from splitting
  • Serrated thread – special cutting notches on the thread cut through the wood fibers while screwing in
  • Cutting countersunk ribs – smooth countersinking with an aesthetic finish
  • Shank ribs – reduces installation torque by reaming the hole
  • Wax coating – reduces torque and makes the installation easier. It also saves energy so your power tool battery will last for longer
  • TX Drive – there is a TX bit included with every box. TX socket provides a much stronger connection with the tool than PZ, lasts for longer and prevents cam-out

Box Quantity:

  • Screw 8x80/8x100/8x120/8x140/8x160/8x180/8x200/8x220/8x240/8x260/8x280/8x300/8x320/8x340/8x360/8x380/8x400 - 50pcs