Air hinge Salice kit

Price: £30.06inc VAT

Minimum quantity for "Air hinge Salice kit" is 12.


Innovative AIR hinge by Italian manufacturer SALICE brings completely new level onto the market.
With integrated soft close and ability to use it within an aluminium frame as well as 18mm board makes it very attractive for cabinet makers and manufacturers. The advantage of Air hinge is that frees up the space that normally would be taken by the traditional type of hinge. That creates more possibilities for cabinets that can be upgraded with pull out storage solutions that don't always clear the standard hinges. No need for the centre post in corner cabinets will create more usable space inside and will allow for wider range of corner optimisers to be installed. Available in two finishes -nickel and titanium effect to match the furniture.

  • 105° OPENING
  • Hinges to be recessed into the cabinet and into the door
  • Two finishes including nickel-plated and titanium effect
  • Each Kit includes a Top and Bottom Hinge, plus 6 Fixing Screws
  • 3D regulation/adjustment


  • For min. 18 mm thick wooden doors and for aluminium framed doors.
  • Max. door weight 20 Kg.
  • Max. dimensions of the door : height 2100 mm, width 600 mm.
  • 16.5 mm deep metal cup.
  • L (gap between door and carcass) = 2.5 mm
  • 105° opening.
  • Possible drilling distance on the door (K): from 3 to 6 mm for wooden doors.
  • Fixed K (Drilling distance) = 4 mm for aluminium-framed doors (DEL6LP300_)
  • Price Provided Is Per 1 ( Pair Left + Right)

• Price provided is per 1 pair of hinges
• Total price for 12 hinges would be £300.60 excl. VAT for Nickel Plated
• Total price for 12 hinges would be £324.60 excl. VAT for Titanium Effect

Nickel Plated

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