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Thor barn style sliding door hardware as a perfect addition for barn conversions and industrial or period interiors.
Manufactured from high quality steel covered with very durable, anti-static black coating adds style to every room.
Ball bearing loaded wheels run very smooth, providing effortless operation even with very heavy doors. Thor rollers fix to the face of a door panel.

  • Max door weight: 120kg
  • Max door width: 1250mm
  • Door thickness: 35-42mm (It is possible to use doors with thickness 16-25mm & 42-52mm with additional spacers)
  • Finishes available: Black | White | Grey | Corrosion | Rust
  • Bracket width: 45mm
  • Bracket width between the wheel:
    • Internal 32mm, 
    • External 45mm

Content of the kit:

- Hangers (set of two hangers and wheels for 1 door)
- Bottom guide
- Anti jump system (prevents doors)
- Door Stoppers

Guaranteed for 25 years.

Track are not included and must be purchased separately.
Also available for Glass doors

Fitting Instructions (Thor-A-12.pdf, 610 Kb) [Download]

Supplier Part No::
Wheel Design:

Sliding Systems

Dedicated for:
  • Industrial Doors
  • Room Dividing Doors
  • Wardrobe Doors
Included accessories for :
  • 1 door
Maximum Door Weight :
Product short Name:
System type:
Wall mounted
Track Length :
  • 1950mm
  • 2400mm
  • 3000mm
This is a very good quality product in my novice opinion.
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