Sweepovac Kitchen Plinth Vacuum Slimline Version



Price: £219.35inc VAT
The Slimline Sweepovac is a plinth vacuum which the dust can be swept up toward the unit and with a hit of the switch with the brush the dust will disappear into the re-usable dust bag. It also comes with the convenience of an add-on extendable hose so you can use it like you would a regular vacuum.

  • Versatile vacuum perfect for kitchen or utility rooms and a complete vacuum solution for caravans, motor homes and holiday homes
  • Features clip-in hose extending from 1.8 to 5.5 m complete with 3 attachments
  • Easy to fit and maintenance free
  • Reduces household work -no bending and no dustpan
  • Immediate removal of dirt, ideal for keeping pet hairs under control
  • Powerful suction, can be used to suck debris off brush head
  • Re-usable dust bags
  • Bags are easy to remove and can hold up to 12 weeks of sweepings

Fitting Instructions (02377573_0.pdf, 1,514 Kb) [Download]

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