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Soft Closing Hawa Concepta 25 System For Folding And Pivoting Cabinet Doors

Price from: £2183.54inc VAT

Hawa Concepta 25 Is The Perfect System To Allow Your Doors To Fold And Pivot Into A Pocket. This System Will Allow For Your Flush Cabinet Fronts To Open Fully From End To End, Giving You Complete Access To The Contents Inside, But With The Doors Completely Concealed When Opened.

  • For 2 doors
  • Installation: screw fixing
  • For door width: 300–700mm
  • For door thickness: 19–26mm
  • Maximum weight per door: 25kg
  • Hinges with soft closing mechanism
  • Running gear guided by ball bearing
  • For Inset and overlay cabinet/wardrobe doors
  • Material/finish: aluminium steel plastic, colourless, anodized
  • When pushed in fully the folding doors will be flush with the external side
  • When fitted with two pairs of folding doors it enables you to have a front cabinet width of 2800mm
  • The top track and the bottom profile can be easily fitted from the front, and the doors must be of equal size
  • This set is for only one bi-folding door pair which includes all the hardware components, scissors system and top track
  • When in the following positions:
    • Closed: flush with the adjacent areas
    • Open: free access to the entire cabinet front

Kit Supplied With:

  • 1 x upright
  • 1 x top track
  • 1 x spare parts
  • 1 x black profile
  • 1 x curve top track
  • 1 x rear scissor guide
  • 1 x front scissor guide
  • 1 x 10mm black brush
  • 1 x rear scissor bearing
  • 1 x bottom guide channel
  • 1 x pivot scissor assembly
  • 1 x top interior connector
  • 3 or 4 x concealed centre hinge
  • 1 x bottom interior connector
  • 4 x plastic adapter for top track
  • 1 x concealed press-fit cup hinge
  • 1 x covering screen for panel clearance
  • 1 x bottom left/top right connecting profile
  • 1 x bottom right/top left connecting profile
  • 1 x single-wheeled trolley hanger for folding door
  • 3 or 4 x concealed hinge with soft closing mechanism
  • 1 x bottom left/top right exterior connecting profile
  • 1 x bottom right/top left exterior connecting profile
  • 1 x height adjustable trolley hanger with 2 plastic-tyred ball bearing wheels

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