Furniture Accessories

Accessories for cabinets and furniture including door latches, push open and soft close latches, shelf supports, cabinet legs, gas stays, beech dowels and many more.

Price: £17.04inc VAT

> Support bracket for tables and benches
> Max weight 150kg per 2 brackets
> Brackets covered with grey primer
> Wall-mounted
> Made out of steel


Lead Time 8-16 Days
Price: £37.61inc VAT

> for cabinet doors height: 200-480mm
> Soft Close and Open
> Covers available in Black, White, Grey
> screws and brackets provided


Price: £64.43inc VAT

> Folding Support bracket for tables and benches
> Max weight 150kg per 2 brackets
> Different sizes of brackets are available
> Brackets covered with grey primer
> Automatic lock action when raised


Price: £7.26inc VAT

> Hand-sorted and multi-grooved
> Kiln-dried beech
> Material: white beech
> Dried: air-dried, on 8%-10% wood dampness chamber dried
> Use: ideal for dowel inserting machines


Minimum quantity for "Hardwood Beech Dowels" is 1.

Price: £8.81inc VAT

Slow Motion Chrome Gas Strut with 50-180 Nm force


Price: £140.10inc VAT

> Available in two sizes: for cabinet height 570mm or 715mm
> For door width 400-1200mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm
> 3d adjustment


Lead Time 8-16 Days
Price: £3.11inc VAT

> Available in Anthracite Grey or Light Grey
> 80 mm long
> Extra strong
> To be recessed in a carcass or fitted in a holder
> Bumper or magnetic tip


Price: £148.98inc VAT

> Available in four versions
> For door weight 1.5-16kg
> For door width 600-1000mm
> For door height 450-715mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm


Lead Time 8-16 Days
Price: £44.45inc VAT
Heavy Duty Cabinet Door Lift Capable Of Lifting Door Up To 1800mm Wide And 700mm High. Assembly Without The Need Of Hinges 107° Door Opening...

Backorder Out of Stock
Price: £2.88inc VAT
Sprung hinge dedicated for folding door system Small ball and latch mechanism helps to keep panels in line and prevents self opening Adjustable...

Minimum quantity for "Sprung Hinge" is 3.

Price: £3.76inc VAT

Silver Gas Strut with 50 Nm force for overhead cabinet doors.


Lead Time 8-16 Days
Price: £36.10inc VAT

Price: £1.62inc VAT

> Steel shelf pins
> Available in 4 sizes
> Supplied as a box of 100
> Plugin
> Spoon shaped wooden shelf supports


Price: £11.26inc VAT

> Minimum shelf depth 120mm
> Two versions available - with and without lateral adjustment
> Height adjustable in elongated fixing holes
> Height adjustment by screwing the support pin in, so it rests on a backplate
> Maximum load with shelf supports spaced max 700 mm and evenly distributed weight


Price: £0.80inc VAT

> Steel glass shelf support adjustable
> Supports glass 5-10mm thick
> Dowel fixing
> Adjustable steel glass shelf supports
> Nickel plated

Minimum quantity for "Glass Shelf Support" is 5.

Price: £4.10inc VAT

> Strength - 3.5kg
> Dimensions: 128mm x 20mm x 16.5mm
> Piston movement - 40mm


Minimum quantity for "Push to Open Piston - Heavy Duty" is 2.