Furniture Accessories

£2.95 (£2.46 excl. VAT)  

Sprung hinge dedicated for folding door system Small ball and latch mechanism helps to keep panels in line and prevents self opening Adjustable strength

Minimum quantity for "Sprung Hinge" is 3.

£13.51 (£11.26 excl. VAT)  

Under-mounted pull-out keyboard trays available in black or grey finish.

£13.02 (£10.85 excl. VAT)  

Beech Connector Dowelsavailable in various sizes.

Minimum quantity for "Hardwood Beech Dowels" is 1.

£19.20 (£16.00 excl. VAT)  

£0.48 (£0.40 excl. VAT)  

Worktop Connector Bolt Zinc Plated 65mm or 150mm.

Minimum quantity for "Worktop Connector Bolt Zinc Plated" is 50.

£7.52 (£6.27 excl. VAT)  

Chrome plated wine glass hanger, available in one, two or three row version.

£140.48 (£117.07 excl. VAT)  

Suitable for doors up to 250 kg • Pivot plate 75 x 70 mm • Pivot cover plate - stainless steel

£1.14 (£0.95 excl. VAT)  

Wood unfinished Screws not included Beech finish

£8.82 (£7.35 excl. VAT)  

> Wine glass hanger
> Chrome plated
> 280mm & 410mm
> for Bars, Restaurants and Kitchens

£5.10 (£4.25 excl. VAT)  

Push to open double magnetic latch with 3kg force.