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B-20 Bottom Track Joining Bracket For Recessed Tracks - 13x90

Price: £5.57inc VAT

B-20 Bottom Track Joining Bracket Is A Rod That Is Fitted At The End Of A Recessed Track So It Can Be Joined To A New Track, Maintaining A Straight Alignment Without Any Bumps Or Spacing Between Them.

  • Used for recessed tracks that can be joined for big openings
  • Made from thick high-quality DX51D galvanised steel
  • Dimensions: 
    • Diameter: 13mm
    • Length: 90mm
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Compatible only with recessed B-20 tracks
  • Manufactured in EU

With a track that has to be cemented into the floor; such as a recessed track. There is no need for any kind of glue, as its only purpose is to align the tracks and hold them straight together, ensuring that as the cement sets, the tracks remain in a straight line.

As such, this joining bracket is NOT suitable for the tracks to screw, as the gap between the floor and the track would not let any spacing left for the bracket to be placed, and screwed to the floor.

Instead, the tracks to screw can be perfectly aligned right away by using a laser level, or any tool such as that.


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