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Agile Cabinet Door Lift

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Agile cabinet lift with a strength range of 580-1250, made out of steel and plastic, and in a variety colour. These are designed for lift-up doors in kitchen and home furniture and are noted for their soft and precise functioning without the need for assembly hinges. They can be used for doors with a width of up to 1200mm and a height between 250 and 500mm, with board thicknesses between 16-28mm. The product comes with a pair of lift-up compasses (right and left hand), covers, hooks, fixing screws, and a marking template.

  • Assembly without the need of hinges
  • 107° door opening angle
  • Available in three strength options - adjustable strengths
  • For door thickness 16-28mm
  • Two colours to choose from
  • 3d adjustable door position
  • Adjustable speed of the soft-closing
  • Includes mounting template, hooks and screws
  • Formula to calculate required strength: 
    • (F) f= door height(mm) x door weight(kg)

1 Agile cabinet door lift includes:

  • 2 x hooks
  • 1 x set of screws for fastening
  • 2 x door lifts
  • 1 x template for screws
  • 2 x cover caps
Low (F 580-1250)

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