LED Hanging Rails

Great way of utilising one item to do two things at the time!

LED wardrobe hanging rails are easy to fit and providing clothes hanging facility as well as automatically lights up when wardrobe door opens.

Most of them can be cut to required size and power is supplied through mains or batteries that last for a long time.

£31.49 (£26.24 excl. VAT)  

> Available in size range 408-1158mm - can be cut down
> Battery operated
> Motion sensor built in
> Anodised aluminium silver
> Cold White 7000K

£88.27 (£73.56 excl. VAT)  

> Available in three sizes: 706mm, 856mm and 1006mm
> Anodized aluminium - silver
> Motion sensor built in
> LED driver included
> Runs of the mains 230V 50Hz