Gas Strut Stay Chrome

Price: £8.81inc VAT

Gas struts by Buller are the perfect way to operate any kitchen cabinets or any cabinets around you placed over your head. Slow motion series gas and spring struts allowing the best access into the cabinet.
Contemporary design thanks to its chrome finish and with slow motion opening adds modern look to your cabinet. Buller's Gas struts in Chrome finish are suitable for all types of over head kitchen cabinet doors.
Available in range of strengths from 50Nm to 150Nm (newton metre) force.

60 Nm

Gas Struts

  • Chrome
Strenght (Force):
  • 50 Nm
  • 60 Nm
  • 80 Nm
  • 100 Nm
  • 120 Nm
  • 150 Nm

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