Gas Struts and lifts

Price: £122.88inc VAT

> Available in two sizes: for cabinet height 570mm or 715mm
> For door width 400-1200mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm
> 3d adjustment


Price: £3.76inc VAT

Silver Gas Strut with 50 Nm force for overhead cabinet doors.


Price: £10.01inc VAT

Slow Motion Chrome Gas Strut with 50-180 Nm force


Price: £137.99inc VAT

> Available in four versions
> For door weight 1.5-16kg
> For door width 600-1000mm
> For door height 450-715mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm


Price: £38.16inc VAT

> for cabinet doors height: 200-480mm
> Soft Close and Open
> Covers available in Black, White, Grey
> screws and brackets provided


Price: £39.72inc VAT
Heavy duty cabinet door lift capable of liftin door up to 1800mm Wide and 700mm high. Available in three strength options and two colours: white and...