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Cabinet Hinges and Fittings

Choose cabinet hinges hardware from leading brands including Blum, Grass, Hafele and Emuca.

Price: £1.61inc VAT

Soft close BLUMOTION Clip-on Standard Hinge

Minimum quantity for "BLUMOTION Clip-on Soft Close" is 5.

Price: £3.11inc VAT

Blum 71B3550 CLIP Top overlay Application Screw-On Cabinet Door Hinge with 110-Degree Opening Angle and Blumotion

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP Top overlay 110 degree BLUMOTION cabinet hinge 71B3550" is 5.

Price: £3.37inc VAT

Blum 71B3750 CLIP Top Inset Application Screw-On Cabinet Door Hinge with 110-Degree Opening Angle and Blumotion

from: £30.06inc VAT

> 105° OPENING
> Hinges to be recessed into the cabinet and into the door
> Each Kit includes a Top and Bottom Hinge, plus 6 Fixing Screws
> 3D regulation/adjustment

Minimum quantity for "Air hinge Salice kit" is 12.

Price: £2.95inc VAT

Minimum quantity for "Sprung Hinge" is 3.

Price: £2.62inc VAT

BLUMOTION soft-close system for cabinet doors

Minimum quantity for "BLUMOTION for doors - soft close piston" is 5.

from: £19.20inc VAT

> Support bracket for tables and benches
> Max weight 150 kg per 2 brackets

Price: £1.00inc VAT

Blum 100-degree full overlay hinge 71M2550

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP Top Full Overlay cabinet hinge 71M2550" is 5.

from: £3.40inc VAT

Silver Gas Strut with 50 Nm force for overhead cabinet doors.

from: £122.88inc VAT

> Available in two sizes: for cabinet height 570mm or 715mm
> For door width 400-1200mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm
> 3d adjustment

from: £7.61inc VAT

Slow Motion Chrome Gas Strut with 50-180 Nm force

Price: £0.76inc VAT

Blum CLIP hinge mounting plate - 175H7100

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP hinge mounting plate - 175H7100" is 5.

Price: £1.94inc VAT

CLIP top Profile/thick door hinge 71T9550 / Opening angle: 95deg

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP top full overlay profile hinge - 71T9550" is 5.

from: £137.99inc VAT

> Available in four versions
> For door weight 1.5-16kg
> For door width 600-1000mm
> For door height 450-715mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm

Price: £19.20inc VAT

from: £7.13inc VAT

HOSPA countersunk screws, nickel plated with 3.5mm thread, available in various lengths.

Minimum quantity for "Countersunk Screw Ø3.5mm - nickel plated (1000pcs)" is 1.