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Cabinet Hinges and Fittings

Choose cabinet hinges hardware from leading brands including Blum, Grass, Hafele and Emuca.

Price: £1.61 (£1.34 EX VAT)

Soft close BLUMOTION Clip-on Standard Hinge

Minimum quantity for "BLUMOTION Clip-on Soft Close" is 5.

Price: £3.11 (£2.59 EX VAT)

Blum 71B3550 CLIP Top overlay Application Screw-On Cabinet Door Hinge with 110-Degree Opening Angle and Blumotion

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP Top overlay 110 degree BLUMOTION cabinet hinge 71B3550" is 5.

Price: £3.37 (£2.81 EX VAT)

Blum 71B3750 CLIP Top Inset Application Screw-On Cabinet Door Hinge with 110-Degree Opening Angle and Blumotion

Price: £2.95 (£2.46 EX VAT)
Sprung hinge dedicated for folding door system Small ball and latch mechanism helps to keep panels in line and prevents self opening Adjustable...

Minimum quantity for "Sprung Hinge" is 3.

Price: £2.62 (£2.18 EX VAT)

BLUMOTION soft-close system for cabinet doors

Minimum quantity for "BLUMOTION for doors - soft close piston" is 5.

from: £30.06 (£25.05 EX VAT)

> 105° OPENING
>Hinges to be recessed into the cabinet and into the door
> Each Kit includes a Top and Bottom Hinge, plus 6 Fixing Screws
> 3D regulation/adjustmen

Minimum quantity for "Air hinge Salice kit" is 12.

Price: £1.00 (£0.83 EX VAT)

Blum 100-degree full overlay hinge 71M2550

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP Top Full Overlay cabinet hinge 71M2550" is 5.

from: £3.40 (£2.83 EX VAT)

Silver Gas Strut with 50 Nm force for overhead cabinet doors.

Price: £0.76 (£0.63 EX VAT)

Blum CLIP hinge mounting plate - 175H7100

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP hinge mounting plate - 175H7100" is 5.

from: £19.20 (£16.00 EX VAT)

> Support bracket for tables and benches
> Max weight 150 kg per 2 brackets

from: £122.88 (£102.40 EX VAT)

> Available in two sizes: for cabinet height 570mm or 715mm
> For door width 400-1200mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm
> 3d adjustment

Price: £1.94 (£1.62 EX VAT)

CLIP top Profile/thick door hinge 71T9550 / Opening angle: 95deg

Minimum quantity for "Blum CLIP top full overlay profile hinge - 71T9550" is 5.

from: £7.61 (£6.34 EX VAT)

Slow Motion Chrome Gas Strut with 50-180 Nm force

from: £137.99 (£114.99 EX VAT)

> Available in four versions
> For door weight 1.5-16kg
> For door width 600-1000mm
> For door height 450-715mm
> Door thickness required: 18mm

Price: £19.20 (£16.00 EX VAT)

from: £44.39 (£36.99 EX VAT)

> for cabinets: 300-1800mm
> Stays in any position
> 2 strengths available
> screws, cover caps and brackets provided