Bio - Fireplace India

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Bio-Fire India is a free standing fireplace solution

  • to be placed on the flat surface such as floor or table
  • made from high quality materials (powder coated stainless steel)
  • Great for interiors as well as exteriors
  • Avaliable in three sizes


  • Bio Fire India
  • Rectangular container for bio-ethanol with absorbing insert (capacity: 0.4 / 1.2 / 1.6 ltr) supplied with handle

Weight - 2/4/7 kg
Material: Powder Coatred (Black) stainless steel.
Biofuel container made from stainless steel

NOTE: Please be careful when filling container with biofuel, as spillage may damage paint of the bio-fireplace.
Please do not add biofuel, while the fire is burning. Make sure you extinguish the fire first

All bio fireplaces are subject to 1-2 weeks lead time. For more info please call 0345 004 3748

Bio Fireplace info manual (Bio_Fires_Manual.pdf, 248 Kb) [Download]

More Info (India.pdf, 101 Kb) [Download]

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